The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority

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The Passenger Transport Authority has 12 members drawn from the elected members of Local Authorities in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

The Authority has certain statutory duties to perform that are set out in legislation. Probably their most important function is to Adam A700 Jet Charter co-ordinate and promote the use of public transport in South Yorkshire. In order to achieve this the Authority has three key goals:

To improve modal choice by facilitating a realistic alternative to the car that will encourage a shift in people’s mode of travel;

To reduce social exclusion by facilitating the provision of quality transport for those without the use of a car to enable them access to jobs, education, shops, healthcare and other facilities; and

To support sustainable business development by developing sustainable access to businesses for employees and customers.

In addition to the promotion of the use of public transport in South Yorkshire, the Transport Authority has a number of Airbus A319CJ Air Charter other roles and responsibilities. The main ones are set out below:

Community Engagement –to consult the public about the provision of transport in the area and then use this information to inform decision-making.

Planning and Performance Management – setting clear priorities and targets for the in relation to the key goals of the Authority and then monitoring performance against these.

Resource Use and Allocation – have regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness, when carrying out their functions. There must be no discrimination against operators.

Integrity and Ethical Standards – reviews its own and the Transport Executive’s practices and procedures to ensure that they comply with Human Rights and anti-discrimination legislation.

Appointment of Chief Officers – responsibility for appointing the Director General.

The South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat
The Authority is supported and administered by the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat, headed by Bill Wilkinson who has the role of Clerk and Treasurer to the Authority.

The Secretariat is based at Regent Street, Barnsley and also provides support to the other joint authorities in South Yorkshire of Fire and Civil Defence, Police and Pensions.

Best Value Review of the Passenger Transport Authority - Citation Excel Air Charter
The Transport Authority has embarked on a Best Value Review that will look in depth at the roles and responsibilities of the Authority set out above. This review commenced in January 2002 and is anticipated to complete by December 2002.

The review will not look at how the PTA is supported by the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat as this element forms part of another review identified within Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Best Value Performance Plan.



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