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On this page you Gulfstream Air Charter will find information about a wide range of the Police Authority's activities. The Authority works closely with the Chief Constable to ensure that the people of South Yorkshire receive a high quality policing service. It's our job to provide the police with the right resources, which the public can afford, and to hold the Chief Constable to account in various ways for what happens.

The Authority will then receive 8 nominations for both categories and it is from these nominations that one Police Officer and one PCSO will be chosen to represent the Force at the national Community Police Officer Awards held in November.

This site tells you about our responsibilities, and how we carry them out. An important part of our role is to help communities to work, air taxi companies with the police. So, you will find here details of our extensive consultation arrangements, the lay visiting scheme, and how we support crime fighting work through our grants programme.

I hope that you find our website interesting, and I encourage you to contact the various people who are named if you want to help us in our efforts to make South Yorkshire a safer place.

Police Authority

The Police Authority has certain statutory duties to perform that are set out in legislation. Their most important function is to secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police service for the public of South Yorkshire.

A summary of some of their key roles is set out below:-

North Yorkshire Police operate a non emergency number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For all enquiries, to contact an Officer or to report an incident that does not require immediate attention please use

Community Engagement - By getting the public's view on what they want the Police to provide and then using these views to inform decision-making. The Authority also contributes to the development of local strategies through the Crime and Disorder Partnerships.

Planning and Performance Private Charter Management - Setting clear priorities and targets, informed by community concerns and then monitoring South Yorkshire Police's performance against these. Included in this role is the monitoring of complaints against the Police.

Resource Use and Allocation - Setting and monitoring the budget in accordance with national and local priorities. Securing an efficient Police force, which effectively uses best value practices throughout its services.

Integrity and Ethical Standards - Reviews its own and the Police's policies, practices and procedures to ensure that they comply with Human Rights and anti-discrimination legislation. The Authority also scrutinises the Police's disciplinary arrangements.

Appointment of Chief Officers - Responsibility for appointing the Senior Command Team - including the Chief Constable.

Custody Visitors - Appointment of visitors from the community who monitor procedures relating to people held in Police stations.

The South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat
The Authority is supported and administered by the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat, headed by Bill Wilkinson who has the role of Clerk and Treasurer to the Authority.

The Secretariat is based at Regent Street, Barnsley and also provides support to the other joint authorities in South Yorkshire of Fire and Civil Defence, Police, floor tile and Pensions.



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