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South Yorkshire County Council was abolished and its districts became unitary authorities;(City of Sheffield, the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley and the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham)

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In 1986, these metropolitan county councils were abolished. The functions of the county council were devolved to the boroughs. In practice many functions are jointly administered by joint authorities containing representatives of the four councils. The joint authorities cover fire, police and public transport.

In the case of South Yorkshire, these authorities are:

South Yorkshire Police Authority
South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority
South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority

Police uncover tonnes of stolen metal
A METAL theft crackdown by South Yorkshire Police uncovered tonnes of stolen metal including 25 beer kegs from a house in Skellow.

These authorities Air Charter News are supported by the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat based in Barnsley. South Yorkshire is the only metropolitan county in the UK that has establihed a formal joint secretariat.

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Origins and History

The South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat was established in 1986, following the abolition of South Yorkshire County Council, to provide a range of support services to the following joint authorities origins


The work of the Joint Secretariat is divided into the following areas.... role


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The Authority will then receive 8 nominations for both categories and it is from these nominations that one Police Officer and one PCSO will be chosen to represent the Force at the national Community Police Officer Awards held in November.

"SYJS aim to be a dynamic organisation committed to continuous improvement in the quality and effectiveness of our services". vision




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