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Implementation Plan

The South Yorkshire Fire and Civil Defence Authority was established in 1986 following the abolition of South Yorkshire County Council.

The Authority is an independent body Air Charter, Miami made up of 12 locally elected Councillors. The Authority is serviced by the Joint Secretariat.

Our Role

The Fire and Civil Defence Authority has certain statutory duties to perform that are set out in legislation. Probably one of their most important functions is to be accountable to the public of South Yorkshire in securing the maintenance of an efficient and effective Fire and Rescue Service.

The Authority funds the South Yorkshire and Rescue Service and works closely with the Chief Fire Officer to decide how the service can be provided most effectively. The Authority must ensure that the provision of firefighters, equipment, premises and appliances at least meet the minimum standards laid down by the Home Secretary. As an equal opportunities employer, the Authority approves and monitors the Brigade's recruitment, employment and training policies to achieve a balanced and well-trained workforce, which reflects the diversity of the local community.

A summary of some of their key roles is set out below:

Community Engagement – by getting the community's views on what they want the Fire and Rescue Service to provide and then using these views to inform decision-making.

Planning and Performance Management – setting clear local priorities and targets, informed by community concerns and then monitoring South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service performance against these. Included in this role is the monitoring of complaints against the Brigade.

Resource Use and Allocation – setting and monitoring the budget in accordance with national and local priorities. Securing an efficient fire and rescue service which effectively uses best value practices throughout its service.

Integrity and Ethical Standards – reviews its own and the Brigade's policies, practices and procedures to ensure that they comply with Human Rights and anti-discrimination legislation. The Authority also scrutinises the Brigade's disciplinary arrangements.

Appointment of Chief Officers – Responsibility for appointing the Chief Fire Officer and senior officers.

The Authority increasingly emphasises the importance of fire prevention and fire safety work, and has recently agreed to fund 16 Community Fire Safety Officers as well as continuing to inspect premises, give advice on fire prevention and promote fire safety.

In carrying out its work, the Authority is supported by the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat.

The Authority is responsible for the preparation of the Best Value Performance Plan, the information and assessments set out within it, and the assumptions and estimates on which they are based. The Authority is satisfied that the information and assessments included in the plan are, in all material aspects, accurate and complete and that the plan is realistic and achievable.

The South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat
The Authority is supported and administered by the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat, headed by Bill Wilkinson who has the role of Clerk and Treasurer to the Authority.

The Secretariat is based at Regent Street, Barnsley and also provides support to the other joint authorities in South Yorkshire of Fire and Civil Defence, Police and Pensions.




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